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  1.  Anyone got advice on where to publish/submit/idek short erotic fiction for moneys? I want to do some original fiction, partly for the exercise and partly out of curiosity (it's been a really long time!), and I figure I might be able to make a little bit of money while I experiment. I'm down for F/F, F/M, M/M, ?/?/?, any genre. I think I'm going to stay in short fiction for the time being, because I suck at fics that are longer than 15k and I don't even want to think about mentally organizing an original fic that's that long. 
  2. In related news: anyone up for beta-ing a F/M porny fic...? It involves female domination, crops, powerplay, and bondage. Because of yes.
  3. The job hunt is picking up a bit. I've applied to enough places that I'm starting to get a couple of bites. Ideally I want to end up with a 40hr/wk job with flexible hours, and then do random theatre gigs as they present themselves. Failing that, I'll take ANYTHING THAT PAYS ME MONEY, because of how I like to live under roofs and drive my car and eat food that isn't rice.
  4. Got housing for the fall locked down! Nice place. Big room, good location. 3-person, but the other people need my approval before they get to move in, because I wheedled the landlord. \o/
  5. I'm having to harass my roommate from last year. He owes me nearly $1,000 for utilities and he left his part of the house in such bad shape that we're not getting our security deposit back. I feel like Shylock. It is less than fun. 
  6. I fuckin' love pickles. 
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Well, bugger. I can't actually put a poll in here. Stupid unpaid account.

Poll: (Answer in comments, if you feel like it, please? Anon is fine!)

Are you 'out' to your friends and family about your fandom involvement?
2) To some people about some things
3) Completely!

Pretty much no one I knew in my MFA program (aka the last three years of my life) knew I was at all involved in/aware of fandom. My family kind of knows, because they're curious when I write all the time at home, and they ask about it and I'm not dishonest/evasive, just...vague. But. Most of what I write is either porn or indulgent id fic. And I feel...inexplicably vulnerable when I think about sharing it.

Next question:
If you were me, and your mom was all "I am awesome! I teach Women's Studies! You write all the time. I want to read something you've written!"

(I made the mistake of telling her one time "It's...sort of...porny." And she was like "...I do know about sex, HB." Although she used my actual name. And I deleted most of that conversation from my brain, because I'm pretty sure my parents have never had sex ever.)

But anyway.

If you were me, which of my fics would you show to my parents?

In completely unrelated news:
So You Think You Can Dance is on and I love it and it's beautiful and Mary Murphy is still my fave. If I remember correctly there are some fans of SYTYCD on my flist.
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I am out of TinyTown FOREVER! BWAHAHAHA! And now, thanks to her ridiculously kind gift of frequent flyer miles, I am in NY with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] elrhiarhodan, who has a beautiful house, comfortable beds, lots of outlets, delicious olives, and a generous heart. It's like fandom heaven. Later today we pick up the Taskmaster (I'm making up monikers now; it's a thing) [livejournal.com profile] ivorysilk, who's had a heck of a time getting here (but really, what else did we expect from Canadians? ). Later today we'll be joined by the caravan of the pear-vodka-bearing [personal profile] rabidchild67, the editor-in-chief [personal profile] jrosemary, and the ninja masquerading as [livejournal.com profile] doctorfangeek. On Sunday we'll be joined by [personal profile] monkeyonthelam, who I have yet to meet, and is thus moniker-less. Although "moniker-less monkey" sounds pretty cool...

I hope that I have html'd everyone's names correctly and won't accidentally delete the whole thing again. /o\

Things I hope to do this weekend:
  • eat more of those olives, DAMN
  • get final betas entered and post chapter 4 of dyslexia!fic, then finish the next part and send it out
  • write hcbingo crossover
  • start/plan wcpairings fic
  • and then probably some porn, because really, the people who've friended me over this past year probably think I'm some studious kid!fic author whose only kink is insecurity. it's wrong to mislead them.
  • respond to comments, so i will be less of a terrible person
  • apply for two more jobs (apparently, moving to a new city requires money. what's up with that, minneapolis?)
Lovelovelovelovelove to all of you who can't be here in person. Hopefully we'll be able to do another open-meetup soon so that whoever wants to come can grab/share hotel rooms, and we can all porn hang out together. ♥
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If you like to write and you love White Collar, then join us at [profile] whitecollarlas for a new challenge! You’ll get a new prompt every 2 weeks and write a short piece of at least 100 words. All pairings, genres and ratings are welcome! Each round will have anonymous voting, with the highest scorers progressing, until only one author is left standing! You don’t need to be a great writer to take part – just join in and have fun! SIGN UP HERE!

I've never done an LAS activity before--it looks like fun! I could do with some boundary-pushing in my writing. I'm also looking forward to it because hopefully, it'll keep me writing during the school year.


...in other (nicer) words--come play! \o/

I'm taking six classes this semester, directing a show, preparing for my thesis in the Spring, applying for jobs for next year, and ideally I'll stage manage/act in at least one more show on top of that. Which is...ridiculous. But voluntary. There are a lot of great classes offered this semester (including on on feminism and the media, I AM SO EXCITED). I'm hoping that things like [livejournal.com profile] whitecollarlas and [livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing will help me get writing done this semester. I also hope that I do not die. O.o

I'm spending tomorrow at home, soaking in the love and tension of family, then driving back up to TinyTown on Friday! I was talking to [personal profile] elrhiarhodan about how the time's kind of flown by--I was just starting to dip my toes into fandom at the same time I was applying for grad school programs.


I'm going to go work more on the dyslexia!verse. I'm bad at planning and good at procrastinating, so what I did was I posted the first chapter of the sequel, hoping that having it out in the world would make me write the concluding part faster.

That did not work.

What I want to do is go back and radically change the last part of Alright Is Two Different Words, then I've got one chapter about ready to go, and I Have A Plan for the part after that (which would be the third and last chapter of 'Alright'). It feels unkosher to take back something that I already published, but. BUT I HAD A BETTER AND SADDER IDEA. IT INVOLVES GOO AND FEELINGS.

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oh, porn. )


Also, I am going on a woman-up-and-reply-to-comments spree, so, for those of you who reply on a lot of my fics: first of all--THANK YOU! Secondly--I apologize in advance for the slew of comments you're about to receive. I have, like, weird mental problems about feedback, which is why it takes me so long to reply. It's not because I don't appreciate comments (I LOVE THEM, I've been smiling like a crazy person while replying to them), it's just that I...get overwhelmed by them, or something. And I'm always afraid that my replies will seem disingenuous, or be inadequate to express how happy and grateful I am for the feedback. Okay? Okay.


In other news: I forgot to celebrate this when I came up, but it's my new favorite fandom milestone: when I first made my mistress (master) list of fics, I dated it out of order, setting it way in the future so that it'd stay at the top of my journal. 'Way in the future'--aka, March 4th, 2012--has come and gone. :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally:

I need a beta, y'all. I've got 5k of new kid!Neal, about 4k in Marvel fic (CLINT IS DYSLEXIC AND NEEDS NATASHA's PLATONIC LOVE), a giant Grimm WIP, and...IDK, other stuff too. I tend to write fics for challenges and things and then not collect them (again, because of my WHAT IF PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THEM/ME issues). I'd prefer if my close friends--people with whom I've met in person seems like a good barometer of that--didn't volunteer. (I love you guys! I just want to keep my neurosis separate from my relaxing-time.)

...any volunteers for betaing duty (even if just for one fic, one fandom, specific ratings, whatever), suggestions of places/posts to find a beta, or recommendations for people I can ask? Thank you in advance. :-)


[Fun fact: did you guys know that guesstimate is a real word?]
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You ever have one of those days where you're like "dangit, my writing's gotten so repetitive I just bored the heck out of myself trying to edit it," and then you read stuff by other people that's so good you can't even comprehend how they wrote such awesome shit, you just know you've never written anything close to that?

...and then you remember that you wrote pretty much this exact same post seven months ago, and got amazing, thorough, thought-provoking answers from really good friends who cared enough to take the time to help you out?

I'm still trying to figure out how to stretch myself. Since I made that post, however, I've written more "women having awesome sex" fics, and written two stories that broke the 20k barrier, which is really cool. I've also written in a couple of new fandoms, X-Men and Grimm, and inhabiting those different worlds and writing from the POVs of new characters has helped to free up my style.

(...I'm also on mental meds that have given me my first multi-week stretch of "good days" since I was around thirteen years old. It is so freaky y'all, I cannot even talk about it coherently yet. Suffice to say: I'm, like, happy! O.o Hopefully that will help me take my frustrated energy and channel it into "How can I challenge myself in new ways, and set better goals for myself?" and less into "WHY DO YOU INSIST ON SUCKING SO BAD ALL THE TIME, YOU DOUCHEY DOUCHE BAG?")

Things that would challenge me and would be fun to write:
  1. Straight-up dubcon fic--probably Renard/Monroe/Nick, or even feral!Monroe/Nick.
  2. The longfic about Neal/Peter/Elizabeth meeting each other's parents
  3. Dark Angel service kink, which has been rolling around in my head for over a year, because service kink intrigues and perplexes me and I have researched it muchly.
  4. Maybe the Kurt/Puck long-relationship fic, based on this essay about the eight stages of a relationship (playing within a pre-determined structure)
It's easy for me to fall back on just writing some random porn for an anon kink meme, because I know I will probably get some comments, and that always makes me feel really good. But when I gather that stuff together and think about reposting it, I just feel like...like it isn't worth the effort. Right now I'm not saying anything that I haven't already said in a dozen fics.

I'm going to repost a question that I asked in my original "help me be better at writing" post, because since June I've made a lot of new friends and (I hope) progressed some as a writer, and would like new input:

Do you have any suggestions for stories that I should try? An AU that brings up an issue I haven't dealt with before, an idea for a way impose an interesting structure on a story, a plotline/scene that you think I could write that is different from what I usually tackle? 

And a new question--I need to find ways to challenge myself with porn/sex scenes. Because I really really really like to write porn. I like BDSM, I like the mental aspects of sex, I like powerplay, I like the way the physical conversations can subsume the verbal ones. At this point though, I get kind of lost midway through a scene and just end up going through the motions. I signed up for a kink bingo card this round, and then realized that I'd written every single square already. I don't want to stop writing porn, so I need to find other ways to make it new and interesting.

Does anyone have any suggestions for plot ideas, narrative techniques, porn to read, new dynamics/people combinations, weird places to have sex in, tropes that intrigue you, or something else entirely that might help me shake things up?

Please don't feel obligated to respond (especially because these are pretty self-indulgent & complicated questions!). l'm going to keep trucking along with this on my own, it just really helps me sort it out when I write it all down. :-) 

Completely random footnote: I'm watching Portlandia with my sister, and she thinks Steve Buscemi is the sexiest man alive.

...also, DW, why don't you want to end my cut text where I tell you to? [note to DW part 2: and why did you screw up the indentations?] 
I even checked your html and everything. Goshdarn cut tags, never seem to do what I want 'em to...

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On a crowded bus today for 14 hours of travel. WHEEEE! Full report on a lovely trip to MN later. In the meantime: a meme! Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] rubynye. :-)

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?

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Since I'm going to be spending the day catnapping/cursing the wifi for blocking Netflix/writing, I thought that I would do a meme! \o/

The first five people to comment on this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I think all of my fandoms are listed in the tags (with the exception of Suits, which I marathoned over the weekend, and Criminal Minds). If you're not sure whether or not I've seen something, just ask! I watch a lot of TV, so odds are good I'm at least vaguely familiar with it.

If you want to play the meme but NOT repost and play on your own LJ, you can absolutely still make a request, but please make a note to that effect in your comment so that I can prioritize/encourage the folks playing along at home. :-)
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[Poll #1764255]If you have specific ideas for hooks/unresolved issues to address in any of those sequels, that would be awesome. Or if you have any tips/thoughts about writing sequels in general, I would love to hear them. :-)
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*bangs head on desk*

...that was less productive than I had hoped.

I've had bad writer's block for a while, but it's different than usual. Usually I get past it by just forcing myself to start writing anything. This time, I'm just--I'm not interested in my story ideas. When I finish a story, I'm so bored with it I don't even bother posting it, because they're all kind of variations on a theme at this point. I've always had a problem with predictability, but now it's becoming a mental block instead of a challenge. Like. I've been avoiding fandom because I'm just so goddamn frustrated with myself. Other people come up with intriguing plots and can write novel-length stories and surprise and reward their readers with their fics and I'm--just--BLARGH. I'm stuck in pretty prose and angsty boys. Like I'm doing the same paint-by-numbers stories over and over again.

I did the anonymous writing feedback meme back in January, and got some incredibly helpful feedback. A lot of very nice positive comments (thank you!), and some constructive criticism (thank you!), especially about the repetitiveness of my storylines/tone. I should really not be surprised that you guys know me better than I know me at this point.

So I want to work on stretching myself (THAT'S WHAT HE SAID), only I don't, like, know how. Help me, freakishly-talented-flist? 

  1. How do you break yourselves out of writing ruts?
  2. Are there any suggestions you have for things that I should try? An AU that brings up an issue I haven't dealt with before, an idea for a way impose an interesting structure on a story, a plotline/scene that you think I could write that is different from what I usually tackle? 
  3. Why do you write?

You can leave feedback here, or on my thread from the anonymous meme. Anonymous comments are enabled in both locations. Thank you in advance, lovelies.

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