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My favorite part of the snowpacolypse: cancelled rehearsal = watching the stream of White Collar LIVE! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I'M SO HAPPY. Popcorn & flannel PJs & snow days = happy HB. Tomorrow my plan is to not nap the entire day, and instead get some work done and some porn written! \o/ (Er, that is actually my plan for almost every day. Today I was foiled by my nest of blankets and the comforting whistle of the wind against my window...tomorrow, I will be strong! I WILL WRITE FIC!)


WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK? Any fics you now want to read? Favorite moments I didn't mention? Tales/pictures of the snowpacolypse in your area? 
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(drive-by update: grad school's going well! busy but happy, thought i lost my wallet but then found it, overwhelmed and excited and v. sleepy. good night, lovelies!