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I just e-mailed in my letter of resignation.

I'm now working only one part-time job. This is the least I've worked since...May, I think? Not counting the beginning of January, when I was bedridden with the sciatica/back pain from the herniated disc. It's so much better, but acts up if I sit for too long, or sit in bad chairs. (WHICH, ALSO, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SHITTY CHAIRS IN THE WORLD? Shouldn't we have figured out CHAIRS by now? Jeez.)

I have enough money to make February's rent. And my folks will help me out if I can't make March's. I've had really good luck getting jobs so far (I apply like a fiend and I interview well). Hopefully I'll find something good by mid-February. That's my yay!plan. My back-up plan, if all else fails, is to move to St. Louis, where my parents have an empty floor in their house, and will trade me walking their three ridiculous dogs twice a day for rent money.

Since I've been in school for so many years, and moved around so much, this is only the second time I've had to quit a job for a reason other than "Soon, I will be in a different state!"

I'm going to go bury my stress in coffee and teen!Clint meeting teen!Natasha, then proudly bringing her back to Coulson like a cat leaving a mouse on the doorstep. "LOOK WHAT I BRUNG YOU! Whoops it's still alive and has claws and teeth. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE PLEASE CAN WE KEEP IT?"


Aug. 27th, 2013 05:47 am
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So my life's been pretty crazy lately--I'm working a full-time job at a call center (it's all incoming calls, mostly pretending to be a receptionist and scheduling appointments and taking messages). It's about as good as a call center job can be, but it still makes my brain sad. On top of that I'm working a part time job two-three nights a week--that one's actually making outbound "Gimme money?" calls, but it's working at a theatre that I love, with really nice coworkers and a lovely bossman.

Then I went to Canada for basically an entire week, because I want [livejournal.com profile] ivorysilk to gay-Canadian-marry me so that I can move to Toronto and live in the basement with her bunnies. (We took a prom picture at Niagara, right under their perpetual rainbow, and it's actually engagement-card-announcement-level beautiful. Soon I shall turn her gay for me (that's totes possible, don't squish my dreams) and then steal her bunnies. Although soon I will not want to kidnap her bunnies quite as badly, because...

I'MMA GETTIN' A DOOOOOOOOOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm picking him up later today from the Humane Society. He's some sort of scruffy minieature Schnauzer mix. He's 15 pounds of scruffy hair and snuggles. He was dropped off at a shelter in Kansas, which ran out of room, and so they sent him over to Minneapolis, where he climbed into my lap and started napping. They don't know anything about him. Except that at some point in his life someone named him Bowzer. That is not going to remain his name. No. Nu-uh. Not happening.

[The vast majority of these suggestions are from [livejournal.com profile] alfadorcat]

[Poll #1931067][Poll #1931067]

Now I'm off to Walmart to buy a crate, and clean my car out, and maybe use one of my IHOP GroupOns while I wait for thrift stores to open up, cause I need curtain rods and a king-sized bedsheet and any/all dog toys I can find. (I already have really cute water/food bowls.)

I'll post more soon (about the dog, and about my awesome roommates, and about my weird lease, and my on-hold dating life, and going back to Temple regularly). For now: a cool shower so I stop feeling like a melting children's toy, shopping, eating, DOG! :D
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i am way too out of touch. it's becoming a problem.

a) taylor kitsch is in "The Normal Heart" and i only just found out, and i only found out because rabidchild67 told me that mark ruffalo posted a pic of them. together. "TAYLOR KITSCH TAKE ME TO A HOCKEY GAME" IS MY FAVORITE TAG ON MY ENTIRE DW/LJ, AND I DID NOT KNOW THAT HE'S GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE WITH MATT BOMER AND MARK RUFFALO.





b) also i did not know that there's going to be a sequel to x-men: first class, involving spoilery casting things and hopefully more alex/hank/sean threesome-porn-inspiring-goodness. i found out about the sequel two days ago, when on a first date, and i'm pretty sure my fannish glee is the only reason i was like SURE SECOND DATE WHATEVER GOTTA GO PORN NOW except i said the last part only in my head. (and i am cancelling the second date, because this guy was kind of weird. like. wants to buy an island in international waters for post-apocalyptic reasons but is really serious about it weird.)

c) also i now have a job, which is a boring job, but which has 24-hour flexible hours and will tide me over until better work. although if i keep missing life-changing kitsch updates, then i'm just going to have to quit everything. 
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  1.  Anyone got advice on where to publish/submit/idek short erotic fiction for moneys? I want to do some original fiction, partly for the exercise and partly out of curiosity (it's been a really long time!), and I figure I might be able to make a little bit of money while I experiment. I'm down for F/F, F/M, M/M, ?/?/?, any genre. I think I'm going to stay in short fiction for the time being, because I suck at fics that are longer than 15k and I don't even want to think about mentally organizing an original fic that's that long. 
  2. In related news: anyone up for beta-ing a F/M porny fic...? It involves female domination, crops, powerplay, and bondage. Because of yes.
  3. The job hunt is picking up a bit. I've applied to enough places that I'm starting to get a couple of bites. Ideally I want to end up with a 40hr/wk job with flexible hours, and then do random theatre gigs as they present themselves. Failing that, I'll take ANYTHING THAT PAYS ME MONEY, because of how I like to live under roofs and drive my car and eat food that isn't rice.
  4. Got housing for the fall locked down! Nice place. Big room, good location. 3-person, but the other people need my approval before they get to move in, because I wheedled the landlord. \o/
  5. I'm having to harass my roommate from last year. He owes me nearly $1,000 for utilities and he left his part of the house in such bad shape that we're not getting our security deposit back. I feel like Shylock. It is less than fun. 
  6. I fuckin' love pickles. 
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my subject line makes my life seem cooler than it is

my roommates are all international students

and i've only seen two of them

one of them keeps trying to talk to me in chinese.

there may or may not be a fourth roommate.

things i'm doing so that i won't sit in my room all the time (hi, depression!):
job interview tomorrow morning
sitting in a cafe right now
going for a rush ticket at the guthrie tonight
had breakfast with my brother this morning, doing a movie with him and his girlfriend tomorrow (it's his birthday. we're gonna see star trek. i am very okay with this.)
a date this sunday, with a sweet geeky guy. we're gonna do dinner at a veg restaurant and see 'gatsby.'

necessary postscript: i have dated, in the past seven years, a grand total of two people. (that threesome that time (okay, times) doesn't count. it was merely a lovely anomaly.)

i'm talking to two other people who i'll hopefully be meeting next weekend.

i have a new haircut that makes me feel cute, awesome boots, weird hipster shirts, a nice smile, and anti-anxiety medication. BRING IT, OKCUPID! \o/

now i am going to buy q-tips, call some apartment complexes (my sublease is up aug 10th), and go to thrift stores to find a blanket.

because blankets are cool.
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It is a short story about a tall lass. (Me!)

my terrible horrible no good very bad week )used and possibly trying to flirt with you, please be nice to him? He's somebody's family, and they're probably worried about him. 

My plans to spend this summer writing and being part of fandom again have failed to materialize. And I think that's what actually making me feel down. It's like all my cool friends went to summer camp without me. 

But. Yeah. Anyway. That is what is going on in the life of me.
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Job is going well! I went out and bought better shoes after that first horrible day, and the last two days were much less painful (not painless, but better). Worked 11 hours yesterday, five of them walking. I'mma gonna be so fucking fit if I survive this! Next week I'll be working 9-hour days instead of 11, so I'll have my mornings back to write. THANK GOD, because there are so many fics I need to write! *is happy*

I've got Saturday off to spend in a cafe, and then Sunday hopefully I'll be canvassing Pride--where a good canvasser can apparently make, like, lots of money. Maybe $150-200 for one day's work.


Night Sins
, from the [livejournal.com profile] wcpairings community! It was written for my prompt:

Rough-angsty-trust-issues sex. Neal/Peter. Maybe fallout from the last episode, maybe Neal slips up somewhere else - Peter's pushed over the edge and fucks Neal. Hard. Maybe up against a wall. With spit for lube. And lots of dirty talk.

This is the author's summary: When he discovers a side-project of Neal’s, Peter unleashes his anger…and a whole lot more.
Warning: Dubcon.

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Dear The Job Interview I Just Had,

You were awkward. Why did we spend so long talking about cats? I'm a dog person.

...maybe that's why it was awkward. Also, hypothetical questions about how I would answer questions that I don't know the answers to because I haven't been through training are mean. And you can tell your scribbly-therapist's-notepad that I said that. Only don't, because I want this job. Even if it's only a couple of evenings a couple of weeks each month. I NEEDS MAH MONEYS SO I CAN GO TO SCHOOL.

Also--I don't put a lot of stock in handshakes. But. Yours was really limp. And I stood up when you left the table. Is that...is that weird? Chivalrous? Something only dudes are supposed to do? I am a reasonably butch woman, does that make it okay? It did kind of make it so I loomed over you, though, because I am tall and you were short. Nice lasting impression, y/y?



Dear Crazy Uncle,

No. No, I will not go car shopping with you this weekend. Not just because I don't know anything about cars, not because I think that buying a car right now is a stupid financial decision (it is), not because I'm homophobic and want to avoid physical contact with you (really? REALLY?), but because the last time I went car shopping with you I almost died.

(He claimed to know how to drive a stick shift. HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT. Me and my sister were in the back seat, the car salesman was in the passenger seat. The whole test drive was a blur of near-misses, loud screeching noises, the salesman's awkward laugh, Crazy Uncle shouting THEY DID NOT USED TO BE LIKE THIS, and my sister and I clutching on to each other for dear life. It was like being on a roller coaster. A roller coaster going the wrong way down a one-way street.)


IN THE GOOD NEWS FRONT: GUESS WHO HAS A HOUSE? THIS GUY's parents! My folks have purchased a house! Assuming their loan comes through. Which means we've got about a month to pack up the house that we've been in for two years. I'm the only person in my family who's not a serious packrat (...books don't count). So I'll be spending the next month carting around boxes will all of my brother's old lego collections, my sister's old shoes and purses (from before she turned into a dumpster-diving-anarchist-vegan-hipster), my dad's papers and class notes from the last thirty years, and my mother's collection of HEY THIS BOX OF THINGS IS ONLY A DOLLAR MAN AUCTIONS SURE ARE FUN purchases.

I'm going to finish my freakishly salty frittata and drown my sorrows in porn. Or Diet Pepsi. Or both.

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Sorry I've been a bit MIA! RL, obviously, plus I've got some more family visiting from out of town (last time it was Rich Aunt, now it's Nice Aunt, both siblings of Crazy Uncle). We're going out to see Pirates of Penzance tonight. I directed it in college - should be fun to see it done professionally!

I'm also waiting for my new [community profile] kink_bingo card. If it's good, I'll try to do a black-out on that. I've already written 7 of the 16 kinks I have left on the current card, and I'd like to do a few more new ones if possible!

Aaaand here is my entry for the first week of whitecollar100! This week's theme is "Clue" (you can still join/write for this week!).


Playing Games )

I hope you're all doing FABULOUSLY.

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Oh my gosh. 

So the past month I've been in training for Apple iPhone support, right? Work-from-home incoming call type thing. Training was cool. I learned a lot. And today's my first full day of taking actual calls. 


The actual calls aren't actually that bad - I like helping people, and sometimes, I'm actually helpful! I know my shit, and when I don't, I know where to look, and if I can't find it there, then I know who to ask for help. So that's not the hard part. Oh, no. IT'S THE WAITING. 7-10 minutes between calls where my whole body is just tense and jumpy like in a horror movie when you know something bad's about to happen and with every passing second you just get more and more and more anxious - AND THEN THE PHONE RINGS AND I FLAIL LIKE A CRAZY.

I'm sure I'll get used to it as time goes on. But for right now, OMG, my heart is in my throat (which is a weird phrase UNLESS IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. GIT OUT OF THERE, HEART, I NEED THAT FOR TALKING!). *deep breathes* 

It's weird being six-feet tall and having the same nervous system as a chihuaha. 

In OTHER news, I think I figured out what to write about for the "painplay (other)" square of my kink_bingo card. I think I will maybe try and work on that in between calls this afternoon. See if the distraction helps. O.o

In, out. In, out. In, out. In, out...

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