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Location:United States of America
Website:All of my fics are archived here!
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about me
Hi! I'm B.

I’ve been in various fandoms as a lurker since I was a wee little tyke, but ever since February of 2010 I’ve been pretty active in the White Collar fandom. I occasionally dabble in other areas, but that’s where the majority of my writing has been.

I’m currently in graduate school studying directing, and spend the majority of my time in the theatre. When I’m not there, I can most likely be found watching tv shows (some of it good, some of it MTV reality shows) and writing slashy fic!

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Friday Night Lights, White Collar, Merlin, Star Trek: Reboot, Sky High, Tanya Huff, Parks and Recreation, Community, Supernatural, Ancient Greek drama, Shakespeare, Hawaii Five-0.

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friending policy
Go right ahead! I never flock my fic, so if I don’t friend you back, you won’t be missing anything. I don’t friend everyone back because when I get busy I have a hard time keeping up with my flist. If you think that we have similar interests, and suspect that I would be interested in what you’ve got going on in your LJ, just drop me a line on my into post and I’ll friend you back!

What you're likely to find in my LJ: rambling about how boring/hard/exciting/frustrating my life is, and porn! \o/ I write a lot of slash, a lot of PWP, and occasionally serious fics. It's sort of a toss-up what you'll get any given day!

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