Feb. 22nd, 2014

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Title: Probem Child
Fandom: Avengers
Series: Unpaved Road of Good Intentions [1/?]
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Slow-build Clint/Coulson, eventually Natasha plays a big part in the series.
Content Advisory: Explicit reference to past physical and sexual abuse in Clint's past. There's an age discrepancy between Clint and Coulson, as well as a power imbalance. If you'd like more specific information, or you think there's something I forgot to warn for, please let me know what I can do.
Notes: This was written for the kidficstory big bang. knowmefirst has made an AWESOME banner for it, that I have tried and failed to post three times with it so far--I'll get it up tomorrow when I'm on a library computer instead of a tablet!
Thanks: Thanks to miriad for the amazing beta, ivorysilk for the cheerleading, and arsenicjade for sharing the exact same Clint!feels. <3

Summary: Coulson wasn't born the bad-ass in the business suit. Hawkeye didn't start out as the trusted eye in the sky. This is the story about how SHIELD grew up, and how Coulson and Clint grew together right alongside it.

The teenager that they lead into the holding room is grinning at him. It would be less discouraging if his teeth weren’t covered in blood. The guards cuff the kid’s hands to the table and his ankles to the chair. They don’t undo the chain around his waist that ties the whole mess together, so he’s hunched over and jangles every time he moves. )*

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