Aug. 27th, 2013 05:47 am
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So my life's been pretty crazy lately--I'm working a full-time job at a call center (it's all incoming calls, mostly pretending to be a receptionist and scheduling appointments and taking messages). It's about as good as a call center job can be, but it still makes my brain sad. On top of that I'm working a part time job two-three nights a week--that one's actually making outbound "Gimme money?" calls, but it's working at a theatre that I love, with really nice coworkers and a lovely bossman.

Then I went to Canada for basically an entire week, because I want [ profile] ivorysilk to gay-Canadian-marry me so that I can move to Toronto and live in the basement with her bunnies. (We took a prom picture at Niagara, right under their perpetual rainbow, and it's actually engagement-card-announcement-level beautiful. Soon I shall turn her gay for me (that's totes possible, don't squish my dreams) and then steal her bunnies. Although soon I will not want to kidnap her bunnies quite as badly, because...

I'MMA GETTIN' A DOOOOOOOOOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm picking him up later today from the Humane Society. He's some sort of scruffy minieature Schnauzer mix. He's 15 pounds of scruffy hair and snuggles. He was dropped off at a shelter in Kansas, which ran out of room, and so they sent him over to Minneapolis, where he climbed into my lap and started napping. They don't know anything about him. Except that at some point in his life someone named him Bowzer. That is not going to remain his name. No. Nu-uh. Not happening.

[The vast majority of these suggestions are from [ profile] alfadorcat]

[Poll #1931067][Poll #1931067]

Now I'm off to Walmart to buy a crate, and clean my car out, and maybe use one of my IHOP GroupOns while I wait for thrift stores to open up, cause I need curtain rods and a king-sized bedsheet and any/all dog toys I can find. (I already have really cute water/food bowls.)

I'll post more soon (about the dog, and about my awesome roommates, and about my weird lease, and my on-hold dating life, and going back to Temple regularly). For now: a cool shower so I stop feeling like a melting children's toy, shopping, eating, DOG! :D

Many Things

Aug. 4th, 2011 12:17 pm
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*is nervouxcited*

I bought a netbook, 'cause it's what I can afford, and it's gonna be here tomorrow! OH, THE PORN WE WILL WRITE/WATCH TOGETHER.


My folks' birthday present to my brother this year is to fly me and my sister out at separate times to see him. It's a weird present (and not the most financially sound decision), but Brother's happy about it, and I like aeroplanes! (I also like spelling airplane that way because I like to pronounce it with three syllables. Ayer-o-planes! Oooooh!) I don't know my dates yet, but I should know within a day or...three or four. Like I said, my family is REALLY BAD AT PLANNING.

Do any of you live there and want to get together for coffee and squee?


It is a community to join other people who are tipsy and trying to write. First round's August 12th! :D I may be writing from Minneapolis. I wonder what my bro would make of that...


In my episode reactions I include "fic that I want to read now" lists, and OMG Y'ALL PEOPLE DUN WROTE THEM. AND THEY ARE FANTASTIC.

A) The brilliant-as-always [ profile] daria234 wrote AMAZING Neal/Keller that is dark and twisted and complex, showing the hidden sides that these two men bring out in each other. YOU SHOULD READ IT.

B) Y'know how Jones wore that shirt one time? And then he and Neal were all "LOL WE SHOULD SEX EACH OTHER" when they were in the van last episode? (I'm paraphrasing just a little.) [ profile] rabidchild67 wrote AWESOME Neal/Jones porn. IT IS SRSLY AWESOME. YOU SHOULD READ IT.

C) POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!!!!!!! Neal/Peter, fucking against a wall, by [ profile] elrhiarhodan. Need I say more? REEEEEAD IIIIIIIT.
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Dear The Job Interview I Just Had,

You were awkward. Why did we spend so long talking about cats? I'm a dog person.

...maybe that's why it was awkward. Also, hypothetical questions about how I would answer questions that I don't know the answers to because I haven't been through training are mean. And you can tell your scribbly-therapist's-notepad that I said that. Only don't, because I want this job. Even if it's only a couple of evenings a couple of weeks each month. I NEEDS MAH MONEYS SO I CAN GO TO SCHOOL.

Also--I don't put a lot of stock in handshakes. But. Yours was really limp. And I stood up when you left the table. Is that weird? Chivalrous? Something only dudes are supposed to do? I am a reasonably butch woman, does that make it okay? It did kind of make it so I loomed over you, though, because I am tall and you were short. Nice lasting impression, y/y?



Dear Crazy Uncle,

No. No, I will not go car shopping with you this weekend. Not just because I don't know anything about cars, not because I think that buying a car right now is a stupid financial decision (it is), not because I'm homophobic and want to avoid physical contact with you (really? REALLY?), but because the last time I went car shopping with you I almost died.

(He claimed to know how to drive a stick shift. HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT. Me and my sister were in the back seat, the car salesman was in the passenger seat. The whole test drive was a blur of near-misses, loud screeching noises, the salesman's awkward laugh, Crazy Uncle shouting THEY DID NOT USED TO BE LIKE THIS, and my sister and I clutching on to each other for dear life. It was like being on a roller coaster. A roller coaster going the wrong way down a one-way street.)


IN THE GOOD NEWS FRONT: GUESS WHO HAS A HOUSE? THIS GUY's parents! My folks have purchased a house! Assuming their loan comes through. Which means we've got about a month to pack up the house that we've been in for two years. I'm the only person in my family who's not a serious packrat (...books don't count). So I'll be spending the next month carting around boxes will all of my brother's old lego collections, my sister's old shoes and purses (from before she turned into a dumpster-diving-anarchist-vegan-hipster), my dad's papers and class notes from the last thirty years, and my mother's collection of HEY THIS BOX OF THINGS IS ONLY A DOLLAR MAN AUCTIONS SURE ARE FUN purchases.

I'm going to finish my freakishly salty frittata and drown my sorrows in porn. Or Diet Pepsi. Or both.

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Aug. 6th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Good news: I took my notebook with me to dinner, and got some writing done!
Bad news: when I got home, I dropped my bag (and v. pointy notebook) on my toe. 




On a more serious note: seen a couple posts on my flist today about odd feedback, handling unwanted/unwarranted criticism, and tips on giving concrit. I may try and put together some coherent thoughts on that later, because I've had a few different pieces of feedback that really took me aback, and I've also had some thinky-thoughts about combining dramaturgy and concrit that I think may be kind of interesting!

I've got more thoughts right now as a writer who's gotten confusing feedback, but I thought I'd ask y'all: as readers, what stories are hardest to leave feedback for? What do you do when you are confused by a story, or think that the author may have made a mistake? What do you WISH you could do? 

Off to type up two more drabbles - the meme's still open if anyone else wants to go play! :D

ETA: apologies for being accidentally stupid and offensive - I used the term "wheelchair-bound" to describe my downstairs neighbour, which is not an appropriate (or accurate) term. I've deleted that information because, on second thought, it wasn't really relevant information - but if it comes up in the future, I now know to use something like "wheelchair user" instead of "wheelchair bound." I'm very sorry for the folks who read this post before I got that fixed, and  also want to thank the person who pointed that mistake out to me!
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Five things: 

1. This cafe is ridiculous. I think it's the local equivalent of a feed store. There's one large table full of ladies with big perms, and another full of balding guys. The ladies are all waving their arms around and the guys are all leaning back in their chairs with their arms crossed. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TOWN. Also earlier, there was an adorable child with a balloon. It popped. TRAGEDY. 

2. OHMIGOSH. WANT TO SEE SOMETHING HOT AND BEAUTIFUL? OKAY: GO HERE. The lovely [ profile] onihime_sama pointed me towards it - it's fanart for my piercing series! The picture is insanely beautiful, dynamic, intense - I LOVE the positioning, I love what the artist doesn't show, but my absolute FAVORITE bit is Peter's thumb hooked in the chain. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG. I guess, at some point, the series (or one of the stories in it?) got translated into Chinese, and then Sashimi drew fanart for it! Big thanks to [ profile] onihime_sama for alerting me to its existence! I'll be updating my LJ with a "do whatever you want with my fics, just please let me know!" policy so that hopefully I won't miss any more things like this. I like to be able to link from the story to the fanart, and also, it's kind of mindblowing that people like my writing enough to do this kind of stuff for it! It makes me feel all warm and flaily inside.

3. In that same "HOMG PPL R AWESOME" vein: [ profile] nodense podficced "love is not a battlefield (i am no hercules)" - the fic of mine that I am most proud of (followed closely by "be all my sins remembered"). It's the fic that I think best exemplifies me as a writer and as an academic (witness my Greek geek out!). I've written a lot of "post non-con" fics, but in this one, I feel like I finally got it right. [ profile] nodense has got an awesome reading voice, gets the chopped-up formatting of the story across PERFECTLY, and is just all around fabulous. I teared up listening to just the first part of it. You can download it here, and I will try and update this page with a link to somewhere you can thank her for her work once I get that info. :D

4. I'MMA GONNA MISS WHITE COLLAR TONIGHT! So no post-ep flail party at my place. I will be looking for downloads like a hawk (er, a hawk without a torrenting program. More like a sparrow, mebbe. Or a sloth).

5. Back's still being a bitch. Going to go back home and spend the day in bed being decadent instead of hanging in this awesome cafe. :-(


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I am moved in! \o/

The new apartment is LOVELY. Got my king-sized bed set up, took the doors out of my closet, hung up my oversized towels in the bathroom - it is perfect. And, of course, BFF is here! She is buckets and buckets and buckets of awesome. We watched the pilot of the new Who last night (ASH, I KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING TOO, THE DOCTOR'S FACE IS AMAZING, Y/Y?) and our plan for tonight is to rewatch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid so we can squee together. I LOVE RL FANDOM FRIENDS.

Today we wandered the town for a bit, got the lease filled out, ate good food, and had good naps. And got internet installed! The wireless router won't be here for another 4-5 days, though, and the modem's in her room, which has no furniture, so I won't be on that much for a bit. My back's not a big fan of sitting on the floor. And I've been hurting a bit, after doing so much heavy lifting. But I got through everything! And with great panache, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

I am WAY BEHIND on my Gulf Aid fics, for which I am SO SORRY - I won't have them done until the end of the week. REALLY, I AM SO SO SORRY. *shame*

Tomorrow BFF is going back home (she'll be back early Septemberish), and my plan is to go to the one cafe in town (well, there are actually two, and one of them is like cafe MECCA, but it's closed until school starts), buy myself an iced tea, and do three things:
  1. Write the two scenes I'm really looking forward to in my Star Trek Gulf Aid fic and trying to make a fic around that.
  2. Type up all the handwritten notes I've got for my White Collar Gulf Aid fic, and see what happens after that.
  3. Finally finish reading the play I'll be stage managing this fall. HOLY CRAP IT IS SO BAD IDEK. It makes me want to do violence to small children. With a butter knife. SO. BAD. 
Okay - off to drag BFF out to Mexican food! And then Butch Cassidy. Seriously, that threesome dynamic - strong couple with the dude's best bud - shows up ALL OVER THE PLACE. Butch Cassidy, White Collar, Sky High, Doctor Who - and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Is odd, yes? I will maybe meta about that later. After burritos and squee and Gulf Aid.


*long distance hugs*
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The dog just spent about five minutes licking my ankle. [Poll #1598722]And, okay. I saw Inception, right? And it was very good! I liked it quite a lot! I went to see it in theatres because so many people on my flist have been ficcing for it, so I was expecting to really fall in love with the characters. And I didn't. So I am wondering: if any of y'all are big fans, wanna tell me why I should fic for it? Because I don't get it yet.

Also, I have some new friends! Hi, new friends! :D
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Tomorrow, I'mma gonna go to Chicago and meet [personal profile] afiawri and [personal profile] ashcat ! First time meeting anyone IRL who I met over the webs. I am nervous and excited - mostly, just crossing my fingers hoping that I am not too disappointing in person! So that'll be tomorrow through Friday, then Saturday my replacement computer should have arrived, and I'll be back to work. :-(

Pride Parade )


Favorite part of the day, hands down: my dad very loudly trying to explain to my aunt and uncle who were visiting from out of town what, exactly, a 'bear' is.

No, dad. A bear is not a man with the characteristics of a teddy bear.

My dad is awesome, if perhaps a little bit misinformed. He waved his free rainbow flag proud with pride!