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Nov. 24th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Just got my period, so I'm bedridden for the day.

If anyone can think of any long (5k at the least) fics that revolve around insecurity/self-esteem/angsty-abusive-backstories, rec them please? They're like Midol for my brain.

A few fandoms I'm familiar with, and my fave characters in those fandoms: Avengers (Clint), Merlin & Merlin RPF (Arthur/Bradley), White Collar (duh, Neal), X-Men (Alex Summers), Leverage (Eliot), Str Trek Reboot (Kirk), or anything on my fandoms list. If in doubt, rec it? I am desperate...

ILU all.

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[ profile] ivorysilk WROTE ME [ profile] wcpairings FIC





As soon as Elizabeth Burke left the shop, Mozzie turned to him and hissed, "You are way out of your league."

Neal smiled. "Oh, harmless flirting. It’s like a dance."

“No,” snapped Mozzie. “Her husband is an FBI agent. There is no dance. You better not even be on her dance card. No dancing for you.”

So, Neal and Moz run The Greatest Cake bakery, and Elizabeth's catering company uses them for their events--and she goes in one day, and meets their lovely eccentric chef. 

Neal bakes naked, Moz goes through his white period, Peter needs reassurance and then gets a cake pop, and Elizabeth is a BAMF. This alternative canon is smart, and it's got these great shout-outs to the original pilot, and I just need for there to be more of it because it's so fucking good. 


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I have achieved the Grad Student Holy Grail. )

*falls over with happy*


1) For the first time I'm actually going to GO somewhere for my Spring Break! To an exotic, foreign land! (Canada.) WOOOO!!!
3) Ivorysilk makes my angsty heart happy. Lovely post-Checkmate fic that I got to beta, it's wonderful, you should read it.
4) [community profile] fandom_helps.

This is an auction to benefit Planned Parenthood. You can go and offer handmade items, fics, vids, pics, misc (pretty much anything), and on the 14th other folks will bid on them. All of the money goes to Planned Parenthood. It's a great way to get some wonderful personalized gifts for yourself/others, and it's a way to help raise money for a cause you support even if you're someone (like me!) who can't afford to give very much on their own. You can find my thread, where I'm offering a fic with a 2k word minimum, here. 

The auction's on DW, but you can offer/bid with an openid (there's a tutorial on the comm if you don't know how to do that). Posting offers ends on the 13th, bidding starts on the 14th, and ends on the 21st. 

I know there are a shit-ton of talented people on my flist, and on y'alls flists--so think about what you can offer, what you can afford, or even if you can help to signal boost this so that the information gets to more people. ♥


Update on how Being Not Depressed is not the same as Being Depressed:

Some of my study/coping/life habits that have served me well in the past are clashing with Not Being Depressed. So--you know how if you feel cruddy the majority of the time, that whenever you DON'T feel cruddy, you desperately try to get as much done as you possibly can? If you only have thirty minutes in the day where the idea of sending emails to people doesn't make your stomach clench, then you need to jump on those thirty minutes and use them as best you can. Unfortunately, now that I actually have a consistently higher amount of energy, it's hard to get over the instinct to get ALL OF THE THINGS DONE ASAP.

So I have energy (WHICH IS SO COOL), but I don't know how to have energy and not feel like I have to take immediate advantage of it. Because after working for a couple of hours, I should probably let myself take a break without my inner Jewish mother going OMG YOU LAZY SLACKER YOU SHOULD BE WORKING. I think this is exacerbated by the fact that I'm working on a lot of long-term projects that I can't actually Git Done right away.

It's not a big deal, and I'm poking around it to figure it out, it's just something I'm thinking thinky thoughts about.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Where are the fics where Matt Bomer/Neal climbs Joe Manganiello/Ben like a tree? I got hot and bothered just watching them BE NEAR EACH OTHER. My size differential kink just went bonkers. So. PORN?
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talkin' about/to my body )

Lower back pain = trying to type up quotes from three different books while lying flat on my back with my netbook precariously supported on my stomach by one of my eight-billion pillows. It's more of a balancing act than a study session. 


Recs of some of the awesome things I've encountered lately:

1) An article about avoidance and how to avoid it, rec'd to me by the always insightful asimaiyat that she linked me to after my last post about how Doing Things Is Hard. I've reread the article about five times since then. 

2) Everyone should read everything ever written by [ profile] arsenicjade, especially her epic Suits slave!fic (make sure to read the warnings!), and this WC/Leverage/Bandom homeless kid AU which she calls the Dicken 'verse, and which inspired me to rewatch Oliver! the last time I was tipsy. OH AND ALSO she totally wrote an Eliot/Mikel Dayan Leverage fic called Double Mitzvah. If you don't know who Mikel Dayan is, you can go to the post I made ages ago about my undying love for her, with a handy dandy youtube vid of her fighting (mostly OMG BICEPS) .

3) There is an awesome Grimm fic that you don't want to miss (with twisty hurty break-up(ish) sex) by [ profile] rabidchild67. It's about how we can become someone we barely recognize and don't even like, in a very and visceral way. I'm Going to Feel This Way Until You Kill It

4 & 5) There are two other fics I've read lately that have really hit me with how well the female characters are written, and reminded me how much I love women who are comfortable and confident with their sexuality, and guys who are casually kind of subby sometimes. Just...really interesting, smart, realistic relationship dynamics that we don't often see in fic (and that I'm learning how to write better). The first is an untitled Grimm fic: "couch cuddles (M/N/J) and facials (M/N) - tiny hint of D/s." The second is a Sherlock series by basingstoke titled Yes Yes Yes. Author's summary: "In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others." I'll warn you that this series is over 50k and it's REALLY HARD TO STOP READING.

Okay. I'm going to go dig through my bathroom for some Midol, stop talking about my paper, and actually WRITE it. 

ETA: Er. Somehow this posted before I'd finished editing it. Whoops?
ETA 2: DW and I are still having disagreements about cut text & linking to LJ usernames. I will figure it out later, sorry for the mangled post!
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1) The Grimm Kink Meme has mooooooooooooooved! ( Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamwidth!). I will be camping out in a cafe all day pondering double penetration porn. And maybe also another White Collar kid!fic. But not at the same time!

2) At some point in the next day or two I'm going to go through my LJ flist and stop following all the people who I'm friends with on DW. If you have a DW account but haven't started posting there yet, please let me know so that I don't cut you and then miss you terribly.

3) CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME FIC! [personal profile] rabidchild67 wrote this awesome Grimm fic, What is Lost Can Never Be Saved, for the "Disappearing" square of her H/C Bingo card, and it is excellent. It's inspired by a Being Human episode about a werewolf fighting ring, but it's so much more than that. It's about Eddie disappearing from Nick's life, about the human side of Eddie being torn away from him when he's at his lowest point, and mostly it's about them putting each other back together at the end (okay, I may have cried a little, BUT MY ALLERGIES ARE REALLY BAD RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS). You should go read it. (RC--if you put this up on your DW, let me know, and I will add that link. :D)

3a) [personal profile] rabidchild67 also wrote a Grimm fic called "LJ Loses an Ear," which is: perfect. You don't have to know Grimm to appreciate it. An excerpt:

4) Um, so, if anyone was like "Hey, that [personal profile] hoosierbitch is barely a bitch at all most of the time!" and also you were thinking "Hey, look at this extra money I have!" and wanted to be like "I shall buy her some DW paid time!" then that would be rly cool.

Many Things

Aug. 4th, 2011 12:17 pm
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*is nervouxcited*

I bought a netbook, 'cause it's what I can afford, and it's gonna be here tomorrow! OH, THE PORN WE WILL WRITE/WATCH TOGETHER.


My folks' birthday present to my brother this year is to fly me and my sister out at separate times to see him. It's a weird present (and not the most financially sound decision), but Brother's happy about it, and I like aeroplanes! (I also like spelling airplane that way because I like to pronounce it with three syllables. Ayer-o-planes! Oooooh!) I don't know my dates yet, but I should know within a day or...three or four. Like I said, my family is REALLY BAD AT PLANNING.

Do any of you live there and want to get together for coffee and squee?


It is a community to join other people who are tipsy and trying to write. First round's August 12th! :D I may be writing from Minneapolis. I wonder what my bro would make of that...


In my episode reactions I include "fic that I want to read now" lists, and OMG Y'ALL PEOPLE DUN WROTE THEM. AND THEY ARE FANTASTIC.

A) The brilliant-as-always [ profile] daria234 wrote AMAZING Neal/Keller that is dark and twisted and complex, showing the hidden sides that these two men bring out in each other. YOU SHOULD READ IT.

B) Y'know how Jones wore that shirt one time? And then he and Neal were all "LOL WE SHOULD SEX EACH OTHER" when they were in the van last episode? (I'm paraphrasing just a little.) [ profile] rabidchild67 wrote AWESOME Neal/Jones porn. IT IS SRSLY AWESOME. YOU SHOULD READ IT.

C) POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!!!!!!! Neal/Peter, fucking against a wall, by [ profile] elrhiarhodan. Need I say more? REEEEEAD IIIIIIIT.
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1. Someone wrote an extra story for me in the [Poll #1757588]AND FINALLY: THE AUCTION! It Sometime? GET YOUR LAST BIDS IN! Here's the c/p'd info about my thread/the whole shebang: there is a charity auction! I'm offering a fic! I forgot to put minimum word count on there, so: I've only written one charity fic that fit under 2k before (and that was one thousand cranes, which I think was an okay exception). Most end up over 5k. You can check out my writing for: chatities tag to see the kind of work I do for this sort of set-up. 

Here's all of the deets from my thread:

User Name: [ profile] hoosierbitch 
Email: whoisyourb [at] gmail [dot] com
LJ Examples of your work: All of my fics, and fics written just for charities.
Fandoms you'll write: White Collar, Glee, Merlin, Star Trek (Reboot), Sky High, Friday Night Lights, Leverage, Doctor Who.
Pairings you'll write: List and further explanation at my Five Acts post here. I'm willing to stretch myself when it comes to charity fics, though, so if you want something that's not on the list, just shoot me an email or PM! :-)
Starting Bid: $5.

If anyone else wants to volunteer some talents or bid on some awesome stuff: here's the fic post, crafts/postcards, art. Here's the intro post with info about places to donate, and here's the FAQ. If anyone else is offering, please feel free to link and promote your threads in the comments here! 
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Job is going well! I went out and bought better shoes after that first horrible day, and the last two days were much less painful (not painless, but better). Worked 11 hours yesterday, five of them walking. I'mma gonna be so fucking fit if I survive this! Next week I'll be working 9-hour days instead of 11, so I'll have my mornings back to write. THANK GOD, because there are so many fics I need to write! *is happy*

I've got Saturday off to spend in a cafe, and then Sunday hopefully I'll be canvassing Pride--where a good canvasser can apparently make, like, lots of money. Maybe $150-200 for one day's work.


Night Sins
, from the [ profile] wcpairings community! It was written for my prompt:

Rough-angsty-trust-issues sex. Neal/Peter. Maybe fallout from the last episode, maybe Neal slips up somewhere else - Peter's pushed over the edge and fucks Neal. Hard. Maybe up against a wall. With spit for lube. And lots of dirty talk.

This is the author's summary: When he discovers a side-project of Neal’s, Peter unleashes his anger…and a whole lot more.
Warning: Dubcon.

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I hardly ever rec fic, but I'm gonna post a link to this one, because I read pretty much the entire thing with tears streaming down my face and am left with a broken heart and an overwhelming need to go reread The Iliad. Which is kind of an amazing thing, I think, for a fic to leave you with.

Everyone knows that [ profile] daria234 is brilliant, yes? She is stunningly talented, so very friendly, and capable of approaching ideas in the most creative ways imaginable. Her prompts are legendary, and her fics are always so damn insightful it's scary

And this fic just broke my heart. It's called "Learning Curve," it's Chuck/Bryce, and here's the paragraph she used to describe it: 

Chuck/Bryce in college, studying ancient Greece. In which Bryce recites Sappho to Chuck, Chuck thinks Odysseus is a sneaky bastard, and Bryce comes up with some very creative ways (i.e., sexytimes) to motivate Chuck to study.

Now, I took ancient Greek in college and studied the classics for years, and I wish I had a fraction of the insight into them that Daria has brought to this fic. That is how good she is. 

You should read it.

(In other news, [ profile] elrhiarhodan is running another round of her fabulous prompt fest! You should absolutely go play if you have some time. It's a wonderful way to meet new folks and get some good writing done!)
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Things wot are awesome about today. )


[ profile] literaryspell is a new friend, and I was reading through some of her older work, AND THEN I READ  PRETTY BABY AND ALMOST CAME IN MY PANTS. It hit my hardcore kinks with a fucking ANVIL. No, with a SERIES of anvils. No, with a TRUCKLOAD of anvils. GAAAAAAAAH.

It was sort of creepy how accurately it hit my kinks. So then I thought, HMMM, what ARE my hardcore kinks? I made a list in April when I was doing the Five Acts Meme, but my kinks have changed. So I made a NEW list!


If any of you guys want to post your own list, I WILL COMMENT!PORN FOR YOU! I AM IN A MOOD. Also, it would make me happy. In my happy place! (NO, NOT MY PANTS, MY HEART. JEEZ, YOU GUYS...)

ETA: I AM GOING TO BE AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER FOR A FEW HOURS - PLEASE write ficlets for other people if the mood strikes you, and I will be back to porn ALL OVER YOU as soon as I can! I LOVE ALL Y'ALL KINKY MOTHERFUCKERS SO FUCKING MUCH.

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